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Email From Former Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey Regarding "Dirty Politics" In The Republican Primary Race For Dallas County Commissioner.

This is an e-mail, with attached images, from former Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey who has issued a written statement regarding the "dirty politics" in the Republican Primary Race for Dallas County Commissioner.


Dear Friends,
Enough is Enough.

I had not intended to write another missive about the County Commissioners race. However, after some occurrences over the past few days, I feel compelled to state my thoughts.

Political races ideally discuss the issues and do not get into personal attacks. However, this happens and it comes with the territory; candidates accuse other candidates of some bad behavior and then pat themselves on the back lauding their own high integrity. JJ Koch has repeatedly refused to use unpleasant information regrading Mr. Cunningham, because he wants to take the high road. Maybe he should.

We have seen this lately in the County Commissioners race. One candidate, Mr. Koch, a young man, who did his homework for 19 months and knocked on over 3,000 doors has been assailed by a last-minute candidate, Vic Cunningham, who has chosen to operate with daily vicious attacks instead of having to use the shoe-leather and energy it takes to campaign. Oh well, it happens...

The, this Wednesday, I learned that JJ Koch had been sued by CP Henry, Vic Cunningham's consultant, for "defamation of character." The lawyer representing CP Henry was none other than Ross Cunningham. Do you detect a family member?

Now, I have known CP for many years and like him personally. However, many people who know CP, know that he likes to take a pretty dark offensive toward an opponent. Honestly, I had to chuckle at CP's many years of "dishing it out", but being too thin-skinned to take it! Remember the bruising tactics he used against Cecile Fernandez in the last Commissioner's primary?

To top it off, Lawyer Cunningham tried to have a restraining order put on JJ Koch. JJ had to spend this election week defending himself in court! Fortunately, the Judge was not impressed and denied the restraining order and warned the "poor little" plaintiff that the Texas Anti-SLAPP Statute would come to haunt him.

Now the final straw. CP Henry puts out a mailer with a flat out lie about JJ Koch. The Attorney General's office is not investigating JJ Koch. They are just so desperate!

When three guys get together to beat on another candidate daily and, in my opinion, use the Court system and election complaint system as a tool for harassment, we step into another league. After all Vic Cunningham is a former Judge and has cited daily his former profession as proof of his integrity. Did he have that same high integrity when he assisted his father, Bulldog Cunningham, in having Ken George retire his campaign debt in exchange for dropping out of a state house race? After all, he was a Judge at that time. The attached documents show hypocrisy, not integrity.

At what point do we go from an election campaign to just plain schoolyard bullying?


Maurine Dickey
Former Dallas County Commissioner 2004-2012


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