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About the Honorable Dan L. Wyde

JUDICIAL EXPERIENCE --Dan's proven judicial experience means he's ready for the job on day one.

      Dan Wyde is a former Dallas County Criminal Court Judge, Dallas County Assistant District Attorney and recently was a finalist for Governor Abbott's appointment as Dallas County Criminal District Attorney. 

      Appointed by the Dallas County Commissioner's Court at age 34, Dan succeeded a judge who passed away from a long terminal illness.  Judge Wyde inherited more than 4,000 pending cases, including 600 cases scheduled for jury and non-jury trials. In the first 12 months, Judge Wyde presided over 90 jury trials, then 150 jury trials during the next two years.

      Elected in 1998 and reelected in 2002, Judge Wyde presided over another 250 jury trials and 250 non-jury trials. During the 8 years on the bench, Dan was appealed 100 times and was reversed only once by the Texarkana Court of Appeals. Judge Wyde is the only candidate with judicial experience making former Judge Wyde the best candidate to serve as Justice on the 5th Court of Appeals.

Judge Wyde's credentials and proven performance:

  • Former Dallas County Criminal Court Judge
  • Dallas County Assistant District Attorney
  • Finalist for Governor Abbott's appointment as Dallas County Criminal District Attorney. 
  • Appointed by the Dallas County Commissioner's Court at age 34
  • Inherited more than 4,000 pending cases from preceding judge
  • Presided over 90 jury trials his first 12 months as judge


PROSECUTORIAL EXPERIENCE -- Public Service Protecting our Community

     Personally hired by then-Dallas DA John Vance, Dan specialized in prosecuting felony cimes including child abusers, white collar criminals and drug dealers.

     Among the notable child abuse cases Dan personally handled were the prosecutions of two infant death cases and the third DNA case ever tried in the Dallas criminal courts, resulting in a 45 year prison term for the defendant who impregnated a 12 year old girl.  
       As a white collar crime prosecutor, Dan was personally assigned cases by DA Vance to prosecute embezzlement cases at companies such Brinker International, Club Corporation and Bright & Co., which was owned by former Dallas Cowboys owner, H.R. "Bum" Bright.
       Upon being promoted to the Organized Crime Division, Dan was the lead prosecutor in the largest heroin case and one of the first K9 cases ever filed with the Dallas Co.'s DA's office.  The defendant received 25 years in the Tex. Dept. of Criminal Justice.  After posting the highest jury trial conviction rate for the division, 92%, over two years, Dan entered private practice, founding Wyde & Associates.  

        Two months later, in May 1997, by unanimous vote of the Dallas Co. Commissioners Dan was appointed Judge of County Criminal Court No. 3. 



         Dan is a 4th generation Texan, born in Port Arthur, Texas where his family settled in the 1890s establishing a lumber business that continues to this day.  His father, Robert, a UT graduate, founded a successful real estate and insurance firm, became Mayor Pro Tem and was a candidate for the Texas Legislature in 1965. "Bob" was a former Jaycee Senator and founding president of a Rotary Club.  Dan's mother worked as a hospital dietician and was devoted to her family. Widowed at age 43, she became a respected business women in the 1970s owning a children's clothing store and managing real estate investments.  Both parents instilled the traits of honesty, hard work, education and public service in Dan that he has exhibited as a former prosecutor, Judge and founder of the law firm Wyde & Associates.

          Before he was a teenager Dan mowed lawns for spending money.  At age 13 he worked as a stocker in a shoe store during summers and became a salesman at age 16.  He continued working evenings, weekends and summers until leaving for college.  Dan was president of his high school's student body, a finalist for outstanding graduate and a second generation Eagle Scout.  He was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America for helping to save the life of a Scoutmaster and providing emergency first aid to several scouts who were involved in a serious car wreck while returning from a camping trip.

           Dan graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Finance, and served on the Business School's student council and UT's Student Judicial Council.  He graduated from the Universtiy of Houston Law Center where he was the Center's Mock Trial Champion and was named Best Oralist. Thereafter, Judge Wyde was hired as an Assistant Criminal District Attorney for Dallas County.

           Dan is the proud father of two sons, Rob and Reid, who are both 3rd generation Eagle Scouts.  Rob is majoring in computer science at UT Dallas and Reid is majoring computer science at UT Austin.

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